About us


Endless challenging for extreme environment by man-kind. We auratech focus on this challenge and we have a clear vision of this. Aerospace, Deep-sea, Nuclear, Oil&Gas, Energy industries are demanding us for these challenges. As we are an innovated metal fabricator, this makes us heart-beating and we think about the future. Thus we challenge.

auratech mind-set & Philosophy

innovation on metal fabrication, Challenge for future of human-being, Action for all!


2022. 05. 04
ISO 9001 Register : Design, Development and Production of Metal Additive Manufacturing Parts
2022. 03. 08
Introducing 3D Printer (Arcam EBM Q10 Plus) Equipment
2022. 01. 08
Transferred to Daegu Dong-gu Knowledge Service Center and Built an Office with 107.39m2
2021. 12. 01
Plant site contract (partly 35m2), Gyeongsan, Gyeongsangbuk-do
2020. 10. 21
increase capital 150,000,000won
2020. 06. 09
Infra/Core technology specialist certified
2020. 05. 07
ISO 9001 register : Post-process of Metal AM(3D Printing) Parts
2020. 03. 05
auratech Co., Ltd. KPIC Issuing “root-technology” enterprise confirmation
2020. 02
Introduction and personnel training of structural design optimization software nToppology
2020. 02
Factory Site Contract (1,690m2), Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang Province
2019. 04.16
Installation of Laboratory facility at H.Q in Pangyo (Reg No. 2019111957)
2019. 04.01
Acquisition of Dry-Electropolishing process(DLyte), as 1st user in Korean industry
Company Movement & Expansion to Pangyo, Gyeonggido.
Office & Workshop dimension 98.8m2
2018. 04.01
Company Establishment at the heart of Metal Fabrication in Seoul,
metal workshop dimension 26.44m2

Career opportunities

Incentives, Rewards for self-motivation education, Major Insurance
Training abroad, Free Lunch / Dinner
Work condition
Go Casual, but we have a Uniform, laptop
Company Culture
Casual but Efficient work, FLAT Hierarchy
Working time
self-determination between 07:00~19:00, 8hrs working time in weekdays for better efficiency
20 Basic holidays + 3 days summer holidays

If you are qualified/certified/experienced/educated or interested/passionate in metal fabrication, metal heat treatment, surface engineering, welding then you must contact us!